Serving the community for 37 years.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding those in need; body, mind, and soul.


Daybreak Press Conference 2.15.19

It was an exciting day for Heart, Love & Soul. Standing on the shoulders of the Sacred Heart Prayer Group that started Heart & Soul 37 years ago and the hope they brought to our community, we are excited to announce our Daybreak Campaign for Heart, Love & Soul.Focused on our mission to...

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Heart, Love & Soul in the Media

When listening to some of the founders of Heart, Love and Soul, it's clear that much of the credit for its origins sprang from faith.Joe Mombrea, one of the leaders who was there at the start of the food bank and soup kitchen now located on Ontario Avenue, was an atheist as a young man.

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Daybreak - A Campaign for Heart, Love & Soul

Come as you are, Find what you need!Check out our Online Campaign Brochure[image src="/assets/8e17f2ebb0/Cover.jpg" id="256" width="2100" height="3000" class="center ss-htmleditorfield-file image" title="Cover"][image src="/assets/789ef695f3/Letter-from-Sr.-Beth.jpg" id="259" width="2100"...

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An Oasis of Help

Since 1982 Heart, Love & Soul has served as an oasis of help for thousands of residents of Western NY, especially Niagara Falls. Learn more.