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Shower & Laundry Facilities

Hours of Service

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Having access to hot showers and clean clothes restores a feeling of dignity and well-being to guests who may be struggling with homelessness. Fulfilling the basic human need for health and hygiene makes it easier for people to seek medical help, ride public transportation, apply for jobs, keep appointments, and generally feel comfortable in the community.

As part of our Daybreak Program, guests are invited to use our free laundry facilities and free shower facilities to wash their clothes and improve overall hygiene. These brand-new facilities are reserved for people who do not have the monetary means, access to, and/or mental or physical capacity to shower or wash laundry independently, as determined by a case manager or outside referral agency.

Make an appointment

To use the Heart, Love & Soul shower or laundry facilities, or to get a haircut, please walk-in or call us at (716) 282-5687 to make an appointment.

  • The latest you can schedule a laundry room appointment is 1:00pm
  • The latest you can schedule a shower appointment is 2:00pm. Showers must be concluded by the time the Daybreak facility closes at 3pm.

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