Daybreak Program

(Social Care Services)

Social Care

(Daybreak Program)

Heart, Love & Soul’s Daybreak Program

Call us at: (716) 282-5687

Located in the Sister Beth Brosmer Center
Hours of operation are 9am-3pm

Heart, Love & Soul’s social care services are all part of our Daybreak Program, which works to improve quality of life for residents of Niagara Falls living under the poverty line by increasing access to support resources.

Daybreak strengthens cooperation among Niagara Falls’ various human service providers by bringing them together in a central location. Having several agencies located under one roof helps increase our efficiency, efficacy, and collective impact on the guests we serve. This arrangement also minimizes barriers to support for people who may have trouble accessing help due to limited mobility or transportation.

With the Daybreak Program, guests can more easily access essential community services to help them achieve their goals and meet basic needs, such as improving health and wellness, gaining job skills, and acquiring education credentials. Additionally, Daybreak provides free haircuts, shower facilities, and laundry services to those experiencing homelessness.


The Daybreak Program also offers these social care services:

  • Assistance with benefits (as part of our Case Management services)
  • First Aid (provided by our Community Health Nursing services)
  • Access to office space and technology for tele-health and other virtual services
  • Access to computer room and printer (by referral)

Heart, Love & Soul helped me get housing when I was homeless, and continues to work with me to make sure I am taken care of. My case manager is so amazing at what she does – her patience and hard work are the reason I was able to get housing and get my benefits.

Tom, Guest